Frequently Asked Questions / Policies

Questions About ADT

Why should I choose ADT to teach me, or my child, how to drive?

Part of our mission at ADT is to ensure the highest quality of driver training. All of our instructors are trained by an internationally known driving and security company, are regularly assessed, and are continuously educated in order to provide superior training.

What makes ADT different from all the other driving schools?

ADT is different than most driving schools for many different reasons. Besides the high quality of training we offer, most driving schools strictly teach on the road, and although we obviously teach on the road, our facility also offers approximately three miles of closed course driving terrain. Furthermore, our various programs/packages allow the student to customize their training with their own wants and needs.

Does ADT offer the 33 hour Driver Education class?

Although we have a mobile training unit, ADT does not offer the 33 hour driver education class required by the State of RI. For more information please visit CCRI’s Center for Workforce and Community Education or the RI DMV.

Questions About Permits/Licenses

I have successfully passed Driver’s Ed, how do I get my permit?

Fill out a permit application at the Rhode Island DMV. Make sure to bring your Driver’s Education certificate, birth certificate, social security card and a parent or legal guardian. Visit the DMV website for more information.

I have taken Driver’s Ed and have my permit, what do I do now?

Although it is not legally required, the next best step is to take on-the-road driving lessons. This will give you a solid foundation for driving as well as an insurance discount. Please see our Programs page for instruction to best fit your needs.

What restrictions are there for driving with a permit?

You must always carry your permit with you while operating a motor vehicle, a supervising driver must be seated beside the permit holder in the front seat, and everyone in the vehicle must be wearing a seatbelt or child restraint. See RI General Law 31-10-6 for information about the graduated licensing system. Also, see CCRI for MORE INFORMATION

Who can I drive with if I only have a permit?

With a permit, you are restricted to driving only with a supervising driver, or any parent, legal guardian, licensed foster parent/adult or a driving instructor who’s held a valid drivers license for more that five (5) years. See RI General Law 31-10-6.1 for actual state law regarding supervising drivers.

How long is my permit valid for?

Although the DMV website states that the limited instruction permit is valid for one year from the date issued, RI General Law 31-10-6.3 affirms that the limited instruction permit expires on the 18th birthday of the permit holder.

Miscellaneous Questions

Are there any other restrictions for minors operating motor vehicles?

Yes, RI General Law 31-22-11.9 states that it is illegal for minors (anyone under the age of 18) to use a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle


Re-scheduling Policy

We have special policies in place for COVID-19 specific rescheduling/cancellations. Please contact us for more information.

Cancellation Policy

We have special policies in place for COVID-19 specific rescheduling/ cancelations. Please contact us for more information.