Our mission is to utilize proper education to transform today's youth into tomorrow's great drivers in a fun, friendly environment. We hope to make the roads a safer place for all road users by utilizing creative learning techniques designed to help reach all different personalities and backgrounds. At Advanced Driver Training, we realize the importance of a strong foundation, since driving is a life long privilege; we want to ensure that our students receive the highest quality training in a low stress environment, based on current real world technologies and needs.


The ADT Instruction Team is a diverse group of individuals, who come from many different settings and backgrounds, with one common passion: providing the highest quality driver training possible. All of our instructors are put through a demanding and meticulous training period in order to attain unmatched excellence. Trained by ADSI, an internationally known driving and security company, our instructors are taught the importance of safety, skills, and proper instruction, while catering to each individual's wants and needs. Our instructors are regularly assessed as well as continuously educated in new technologies and techniques.


Indoor Instruction Area

Although ADT does not provide the 33 hour State mandated Driver's Education class, we do offer various programs and packages that require some classroom instruction. Our mobile training unit allows us to enhance the learning-to-drive experience in a relaxed, comfortable environment for skid pad type classes.

Driving Terrain

Most of our programs/packages involve behind-the-wheel instruction on the open road, while some classes, like our CAR CONTROL CLINIC, require a closed course for safe instruction and application. For these "closed-course" programs we have approximately three miles of uncompromised, paved driving terrain surrounded entirely by grass, and the added bonus of a great view of Rhode Island's beautiful shoreline.