Articles of Interest

Learn about the time and distance relationship in driving your vehicle at Advanced Driver Training "Security Driver: Time and Distance Awareness"

by Anthony Ricci, President, Advanced Driving & Security Inc.

Considering the time and distance relationship seems like a fairly simple concept to understand at face value, however, we all fall into the unsafe category based on our vehicle speed vs. the space cushion available....

Counterterrorism Magazine (Spring 2009)

Learn to drive safely in snow and ice at Advanced Driver Training "Slip Slidin' Away"

Snow and ice won't take sides for the good guys; when your vehicle slides, it slides. You have to prepare yourself well before winter conditions hit....

American Cop Magazine (March/April 2009)

Learn how to drive using ABS at Advanced Driver Training "Anti-Lock Braking Systems Basics"

Just about every department's vehicle fleet still has some vehicles without ABS, even though it's been available for years....Either way it's important to understand ABS — what it does, does not do and how to use it....

American Cop Magazine (November/December 2008)

Learn how to avoid accidents backing up at Advanced Driver Training "Looking Backwards"

It's no wonder there are so many backing accidents....Untrained drivers and/or poor backing skills can make for a really expensive day....

American Cop Magazine (September/October 2008)

Learn to reduce your chances of hydroplaning at Advanced Driver Training "Hydroplaning"

The four main things you can do to help reduce possibilities of a hydroplane situation are....

American Cop Magazine (November/December 2007)

Learn how to properly adjust your vehicle's headrest at Advanced Driver Training "The Most Neglected Safety Feature"

Headrests greatly reduce neck and head injuries, absorbing some impact energy, and help catch your head as it comes to rest on the cushion. Most people don't know how to adjust them or don't take the time to actually check their position....

American Cop Magazine (March/April 2007)

Learn the differences between all-season and snow tires at Advanced Driver Training "Tire Selection for Inclement Conditions"

We all know accidents can happen due to reduced traction during inclement weather. Let's take a quick look at all-season vs. snow tires....  

American Cop Magazine (January/February 2007)

Learn how to deal with a tire blowout at Advanced Driver Training "The Unexpected Blowout"

Blowouts are an uncommon occurrence today because tires have become so reliable. But because blowouts happen so infrequently, they're more surprising and potentially more dangerous when they occur....  

American Cop Magazine (November/December 2006)

Learn about tires at Advanced Driver Training "Tires — Overlooked and Underrated"

Most people take tires for granted. Fact is, tires are the most important part of every vehicle....  

American Cop Magazine (September/October 2006)

Learn about the importance of perception and reaction times "Are Perception and Reaction Overlooked?"

Are Perception and Reaction Time overlooked or just taken for granted?

American Cop Magazine (November/December 2005)