Programs & Packages

Education is Our Highest Priority

We pride ourselves in helping every student to meet all of their personal learning objectives and although we have several pre-made packages, we encourage you to select only the training that best suits your individual requirements. We are more than willing to customize an appropriate training program/package especially for you!

Please call 1.401.294.1600 for class information as well as price structure.

  • Bring your parent along to the Car Control Clinic - parents pay half price.
  • Ask about additional programs for Seniors, Teenagers, Parents, Corporate/Fleet Training and Evaluations.
  • Ask about Military and Emergency Services discounts.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Discounts offered with purchase of multiple lessons.
  • Please read our re-scheduling and cancellation policies found here.

Our Programs

Vehicle Orientation Program

Two (2) hour program designed to familiarize new and/or inexperienced drivers with the vehicle and how to handle it in a safe closed-course environment. Orientation covers everything from checking car fluids to maintaining tire pressure, as well as properly maneuvering the vehicle. Taught on our controlled driving terrain, the Vehicle Orientation Program not only prepares students for the roadways, but also allows our instructors to assess ability levels in order to further modify training specifically for each individual.

On-the-Road Lessons

Offered in two (2) or three (3) hour formats. Pick up/drop off at home, school, or other locations with parental consent. Verbal and/or written "After-Lesson-Reports" explain what was covered during lesson, what to work on, and what to expect at the next lesson. Lesson topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Proper hand/seat positioning and vehicle controls
  • Eyes and Mind: where and when to look-types of vision, blind spots, mirror adjustment, signs, and visual clues
  • Intersection negotiation
  • Various turn-arounds, backing straight with control, and tight space maneuvering (i.e. drive-thrus, gas stations, parking lots)
  • Parking-forward, reverse, and parallel
  • Interstate, highway, city, and rural driving

Driving Test

An ADT instructor accompanies the student to their driving test and signs off on the student using one of our safety vehicles. This extra program is available to any student who has successfully completed our 6-hour program and demonstrated competent skill level throughout their lessons.

Driving Evaluations

For medical related issues, mature, or accident prone drivers. ADT instructors will assess driver's ability to operate motor vehicle and provide feedback.

Car Control Clinic (Learn More)

One day class (8 hrs) designed to train students about the vital skills needed in order to avoid emergency and/or accident situations. The Car Control Clinic is taught on our closed course driving terrain, for successful training and application. Car Control Clinic topics include but not limited to:

  • Slalom-teaches correct steering inputs
  • Backing-Up-properly driving a vehicle in reverse with control
  • Braking and Turning-maximizing the brake system without losing steering ability (ABS and non-ABS)
  • Evasive Maneuver-making split second decisions and avoiding simulated road hazards
  • Air Bag deployment demonstration
  • Vehicle Dynamics-the forces acting on the vehicle
  • Tire Talk-Flat Tire Change: instruction and demonstration, checking air pressure, traction, and maximum capabilities of the tire
  • Time and Distance-relationship between high speed and less reaction time
  • Tail-gate avoidance